Great memories are created with Great West RV sharing adventures. To help you get ready for your trip, we’ve put together our list of frequently asked questions. Of course, if you have additional questions feel free to email us at

Does the Great West RV keep regular hours for drop off and pick up?

Pick-up and drop-off hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. We will make arrangements to confirm your planned pick-up and drop-off times, even if they are outside of our regular hours.

Does Great West RV provide an orientation on its RV’s systems and components?

Of course! We have a fun, informative, and thorough “functions and features” video for each RV that can be viewed on our website in advance.

Additionally we provide an in-person walk through at pick up, giving you plenty of opportunity to ask questions or get more detail on any feature or function.

We also do a training drive with each person who is listed as a driver, to help gauge the size of the vehicle, how to backup, parking, etc. We emphasize early braking, wide turns, tail swing, etc. because details like these are a big part avoiding trouble.

All Great West RV vehicles include a detailed notebook of information about our policies, how to use various features, what kind of gas to use, etc.

How does the reservation process work?

Just enter your travel dates and select your RV from the available Great West Rv’s. You’ll see everything you need to know, and you’ll be taken step-by-step through the reservation process. If you need any help, just text, call or email us and we’ll help you select just the right RV for you and your fami

Great West RV partners with Wheelbase, Zurich Insurance and Coach-Net to handle reservations, insurance and roadside assistance respectively. Great West RV provides exceptional customer service for anyone planning their RV adventure via Great West RV.

If we have questions about the RV during the trip, is there a phone number we can call or text for help?

Of course! You can reach Great West RV several ways:
Phone/Text: 720-310-2393

And don’t forget to look at our training video again to see if it is helpful to you.

What if I need roadside assistance?

Roadside Assistance from Coach-Net Roadside Assistance is available to all renters for $12/day USD.

What is included in Roadside Assistance Coverage? Complete peace of mind, of course!

1. 24/7 Unlimited Roadside Assistance
Towing – Towing of the rented RV to the nearest repair facility qualified to  remedy the disabled vehicle’s mechanical problem. Simple winch out or extraction services required to tow the disabled vehicle are covered for one man, one truck, up to 100 feet off of a maintained road or in a commercial campground equipped for camping vehicles. (All costs for labor and parts are the responsibility of the renter or Great West RV.)
Jump starts – A jump-start of the rental RV’s drained battery or tow to a repair facility. (The cost of any replacement battery and labor to install the battery is the responsibility of the renter or Great West RV.)
Mobile tire assistance – Changing of tires or towing of the RV to a repair facility. (Tire replacement itself is not covered.)
Locksmith and lockout service – Delivery of locksmith services to the stranded RV and assistance in opening the vehicle and/or obtaining a replacement key. (Actual cost of key replacement and any parts and labor are the responsibility of the renter or Great West RV.)
Delivery of fuel and emergency fluids – Delivery of emergency fluids to the rented RV (except where prohibited by law). Emergency fluids include gasoline, oil, water, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid, as necessary to remedy the disablement. (All costs for fluids and labor are the responsibility of the renter or Great West RV.)
Mobile mechanic – Dispatching and paying for the service call of a mobile mechanic to the site of a mechanically-disabled RV. (All costs for labor and parts are the responsibility of the renter or Great West RV.)

2. 24/7 RV Technical Support Hotline – The Coach-Net Roadside Assistance dispatch center features 24/7 technical assistance from ASE-certified technicians to assist with first level instructions and technical diagnosis with basic troubleshooting and common operational issues such as:

          – How to use retracting slide outs
          – How to use leveling jacks
          – How to connect a power supply
          – How to operate your RV appliances
          – Locating the nearest service facility

3. Personal On-Trip Services – Think of it as a personal assistant to handle errands and direct renters to the best places while traveling. (Help find a great local restaurant? Sure thing!).

          – Restaurant reservations
          – RV Campground referrals
          – Ticket coordination (theater / music / sports)
          – Pharmacy, hospital, and emergency care                        locator service

For any questions, please call 1-855-817-1885 to connect with the Coach-Net service team.

What are the terms for the security deposit, reservation policy and refund policy?

The Security Deposit varies by vehicle, and ranges from $400 to $750.00 USD.

Reservation Policy:

  • If a booking is less than 14 days away, the reservation is charged in full.
  • If a booking is more than 14 days away, renters have the option to pay the reservation deposit in two installments – the first being a partial reservation deposit, the second a reservation remainder to be paid 14 days before the booking start date.
  • A 48-hour grace period after booking is granted for renter cancellations made more than 14 days in advance. If canceled within this grace period, a full-refund – including all fees – will be issued to the renter.
  • The service fee is non-refundable, except in the event of a cancellation like the one described above.
  • All cancellation policy refund amounts are calculated from the total rental amount before fees, and not from the reservation deposit.

Refund Policy:

  • Reservation deposit (50% of full trip cost) is non-refundable.
  • If the renter has paid in full and the booking is canceled more than 14 days prior to booking start date, a partial refund of 50% of the full rental amount (minus fees) is issued.
  • If canceled and the renter has only paid the reservation deposit, no refund is issued.
  • If canceled less than 14 days prior to booking start date, no refund is issued.
  • All cancellations must be submitted via the Great West RV booking dashboard or by contacting Great West RV directly. Any attempt to cancel a trip without involving Great West RV will not be treated as a cancellation.
  • A security deposit will be refunded in full if the booking is canceled at any time prior to departure. Otherwise, the security deposit policy will remain in effect.
  • If Great West RV cancels the booking before the renter pickup date, a full refund (including all fees) will be issued.
  • If Great West RV needs to cancel the booking after the rental has already been picked up, Great West RV will contact the renter so we may address the situation and come to a reasonable soultion for all parties involved.
  • If there is a complaint from either party or if either party feels there are unique or extenuating circumstances in their booking, both parties (Great West RV and the renter) must be notified within 24 hours prior to booking start date.
  • U.S. military service members are eligible for a full refund if their cancellation is due to them, or a family member, entering active duty.
  • Great West RV reserves the right to have sole and absolute discretion in all cancellation amounts and disputes.
Is the RV that was described online the actual model that will be available at time of pickup?

Yes. Only in the rare situation where actual model would not be available due to circumstances beyond our control. In that case we will notify you ASAP and offer you, at no additional charge, available upgrade or alternative options.

Who owns the RV that you’re renting?

Great West RV owns all its RV’s.

What do I get with the insurance coverage?

$1 Million Liability

$250K Comp & Collision

Secure Payment via Stripe

Optional Roadside Assistance

How does the insurance coverage work?

Great West RV is pleased to offer all renters the insurance program provided by Zurich Insurance Group. Here’s how it works:

Once you pick up the rental, you’re responsible for any damage that occurs during the rental period. Great West RV and Zurich Insurance Group offers both $1M USD liability insurance and up to $250,000 USD comprehensive and collision coverage to protect you during the rental.

But this doesn’t cover certain things like interior damage NOT caused in a collision.

If the minor damage is less than the insurance deductible of $1,500.00 USD and your security deposit doesn’t cover the full amount of the damage, then you as the renter are responsible for the payment and will be charged by Great West RV. If the damage is less than the security deposit, then the Great West RV may withhold a portion of it and return the rest to you. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Great West RV support.

When you return the RV, talk honestly to us about the damage. The RV Return Form you fill out with Great West RV will confirm the condition of the RV when you picked it up and when you returned it.

The application process is quick and easy. Before you rent your first RV we ask for your payment information and your Driver’s License information so that we can verify that you meet our eligibility requirements. In most cases, the driver eligibility check takes seconds, as long as we can verify all of your information and you have a clean driving record.

In some cases, we may need additional information for verification purposes, you will be prompted at the time of processing for these additional documents which can extend the time it takes for verification from 1 hour to 48 hours, depending on the record. If you do not pass your DMV verification process you will need to directly contact the DMV to obtain your official record. We cannot provide the exact reason for failure, however if you feel that it is in error you may reach out to our support team with a copy of your clean DMV record and we can reprocess the background check for you.

If you or another driver in your party fail to pass this requirement, insurance cannot be extended for the rental. In addition, please note that the primary driver must also be the signatory for the Rental Contract. Each additional driver that is approved will be covered as an additionally insured driver for the rental period.

When you pass your DMV verification you will not need to purchase a rental binder and there are no brokers or agents to call. It’s an easy and secure process and importantly, your information is never shared with anyone.

Upon passing DMV verification, your insurance will be activated and you will be covered from the moment you pick up the keys to the RV. Your coverage automatically includes state minimums for liability, with the option to upgrade to up to $1,000,000 USD in coverage. The coverage protects you against claims from third parties for damage caused to the vehicle. You’re protected for physical damage that you may cause to the RV, up to the actual cash value of the rental vehicle in case of a collision or an accident. We won’t seek claims from your primary insurance company in the case of a valid claim during the rental period.

International Renters

Traveling from another country to tour the US and/or Canada? Great West RV makes it easy, no need to pay additional fees for daily insurance coverage. Our Insurance Protection Plan covers international travelers when they rent through Great West RV for both Liability and Comprehensive & Collision policies. International travelers must have a valid international license / International Driver’s Permit and we may ask for additional documentation (such as a scan of the drivers passport) for verification. Once a driver is verified they are automatically covered for all rental vehicles that have applied and are approved for coverage through Great West RV and Zurich Insurance Group for the rental period.