Bring your dog along

Having a four-legged companion offers a host of well-documented health benefits, from reducing anxiety to boosting immunity. Dogs are often an integral, much-loved part of the family, and when you go on vacation, it can be difficult to leave them behind. RV’s make traveling with pets easier and more enjoyable for pets and their people alike.

Bringing your dog along on a family vacation or camping adventure is common among RV travelers. The Recreation Vehicle Owners Association found that over 60% of RV travelers who own dogs bring them along. In an RV, you and your pup can enjoy traveling together with enough space for your dog to enjoy the ride, pit stops and all.


If you bring your dog along on your RV adventure it’s important to be a good neighbor. Clean up your dog’s waste. Keep it on a leash. And please, don’t permit it to bark, whine or otherwise disturb the RV’ers around you.

It’s a good idea to call the campground to make sure they allow pets – specifically dogs. You may also want to ask if there are extra pet fees. Some campgrounds have breed restrictions, and many have a limit to how many dogs you can bring. Knowing ahead of time helps minimize stress.

RV Packing List for Your Dog

What Your Dog Should Consider Bringing:

Carrier or Crate

There may be times when you need to confine your dog during your trip. In addition, some dogs like to sleep in the cozy confines of a crate.

Sturdy tie-out and a leash

For safety reasons, do not leave your dog, especially if he or she is small, tied out where you cannot see him or her. In some national or state parks, for example, unwatched pets could fall prey to a large predator, such as a coyote.

Collapsible bowl

In addition to regular feeding and watering bowls, you should also have a collapsible water bowl on hand for those times when you want to take your dog hiking.



You’ll be in new territory. Make certain your pet can be returned to you if it wanders off.

Other items

• Toys
• Towels and shampoo
• Brush
• Treats
• Poo Bags
• Medical Records and Vet’s Contact Info
• Medications