RV’ING Advantages

Why RV?


You want the most flexible vacation possible, and RV travel is a great choice. It offers complete freedom and a welcome change to the overly-scheduled travel routine. You can stop wherever and whenever you like and extend or shorten your stay in any location. With you at the wheel, it’s easy to change your destination at the last minute.


Lower Vacation Costs

The 2018 KOA North American Camping Report states two-thirds of RV owner respondents (67%) said an RV is the “most affordable way to travel.” These findings were echoed by research conducted by Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis Hotels Advisory, which found savings of 21% to 64% for a four-person travel party, and 8% to 53% for a two-person travel party, depending on factors such as the type of RV and the type of vacation.


Traveling with Pets

Another great benefit of RV travel: bringing the family pet. More than 65% bring a four-legged family member on their RV excursions. Dogs dominate at 93% with cats next at 8%. The 101% total means that some RV owners bring both! It’s another reason why RV owners love the independence and control that RVs offer.


Shop Locally and Cook Healthy

In an RV equipped with a kitchen, you’re able to avoid the typical pitfalls of eating on the go, uninspired airport fare, unhealthy fast food, expensive meals, slow service. You can shop at local grocers and visit farmers markets to whip up vastly superior homemade meals.


Spending Time in the Outdoors

America’s national parks have breathtaking scenery, and your RV provides a front-row seat to savor it. Your RV trip gives you opportunities for relaxing outdoors and enjoying sports like fishing, hiking, bicycling and kayaking. Connecting with nature imparts revitalization and renewal that you might not get from a traditional vacation. 



RV travel allows you to have independence and influence over your itinerary. The choice and control RV’ing provides may reduce travel stress and help you feel free to stop, stretch and explore as you like along the way!


It’s Healthier

Going by RV may be one of the healthiest – and least stressful ways to travel. Research has shown that looking at and being in nature boosts creativity, inspires awe and helps reduce anxiety and stress, contributing to feelings of well-being.


A Bit of Your Home Base

Bringing along your own pillow, favorite snack or beverage, extra shoes, a novel or three makes you realize how much the comforts of home makes us happier.

The Value of Sharing

The question of buying an RV versus sharing a motorhome via Great West RV comes up from time to time. Here’s our perspective.

An RV is ideal for those who like camping but don’t want to sleep on the ground. RV’s offer many of the comforts of home, which can make for a relaxing camping adventure.

That being said the question remains, is sharing an RV better than buying? If the answer to this question isn’t at first obvious, it’s because you need ask yourself a these four simple questions first:

1. How Often Will You Use It?

This is the most important question to ask when considering buying an RV. You want to be certain you’ll use it enough to justify the purchase price. There’s an RV for every budget, even so it’s not a good value if your RV is rarely used. If you live where there are months of snow and cold, your available days are reduced. And how much time do you have available for RV vacations? Even several weeks of RV sharing is considerably less expensive than an entire year of loan payments.

2. Do You Have a Place to Store It?

Due to their size most RV’s do not sit comfortably in the average driveway or backyard. And your community may not allow RV’s to be kept in yards or driveways. As a result you’ll want to have storage available. If so, is it free or will it be a cash flow consideration every month?

3. Are You Up For the Maintenance?

If constantly maintaining an RV doesn’t interest you, by all means consider sharing! All RV’s, without exception, require regular year-round service. Shared RV’s are maintained by their owners, such as Great West RV, so you are free to enjoy your RV adventure without dealing with any of that.

4. Have You RV’d Before?

If you don’t already have experience with an RV, buying before trying is not recommended. Great West RV and RV experts alike strongly suggest that you rent an RV and try out the lifestyle for as long as you can before making a decision.